Here is "Hello World" using Theme-D-Gnome:
	    (define-proper-program (gnome-examples hello)
                (import (standard-library core)
                        (gnome gobject)
                        (gnome gtk))

                (define-simple-proc main (() <none> nonpure)
                    (let ((window (gtk-window-create 'toplevel))
                          (button (gtk-button-create-with-label "Hello, World!")))
                        (set-border-width window 10)
                        (add window button)
                            button 'clicked
                            (lambda (((args (rest <object>))) <object> nonpure)
                        (show-all window)
See the Theme-D-Gnome User Guide for instructions how to build and run the example programs. The example programs can also be found in the Theme-D-Gnome source package in subdirectory gnome-examples.

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Last updated: March 25, 2020

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