Programming language Theme-D extends Scheme with static typing. The current Scheme platform is guile 3.0 but the software works for guile 2.2, too. Theme-D resembles Jaap Weel's Theme but Theme-D is more dynamic and the objects in Theme-D need to have type tags. See Theme-D-Intr for GNOME bindings to Theme-D.

Some properties of Theme-D:

  • Static type system
  • An object system
  • A module system
  • Statically and dynamically dispatched multimethods
  • Parametrized (type parameters) classes, types, and procedures
  • Signature types resembling Java interfaces but multiply dispatched
  • Numerical tower
  • Constant variables

See the Theme-D Sourceforge Forum for discussion related to Theme-D.

Version history

Last updated: October 5, 2022

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