Theme-D-Gnome Software Library


Theme-D-Gnome is a software library that allows using the GNOME user interface libraries in Theme-D. The library is bases to the guile wrapper library guile-gnome2 . Only a subset of the GTK library has been currently checked to work with Theme-D-Gnome.

Hello, World with Theme-D-Gnome

      (define-proper-program (gnome-examples hello)
        (import (standard-library core)
                (gnome gobject)
                (gnome gtk))

        (define-simple-proc main (() <none> nonpure)
          (let ((window (gtk-window-create 'toplevel))
                (button (gtk-button-create-with-label "Hello, World!")))
            (set-border-width window 10)
            (add window button)
              button 'clicked
              (lambda (((args (rest <object>))) <object> nonpure)
            (show-all window)


You must have the following software installed to use Theme-D-Gnome: If you use an architecture other than amd64 (or Intel) you have to rebuild the Theme-D-Gnome package.

Changes in the version 0.6.10

Changes in the version 0.6.9

Changes in the version 0.6.8

Changes in the version 0.6.7

Changes in the version 0.6.6

Changes in the version 0.6.5

Changes in the version 0.6.4

Changes in the version 0.6.3

Changes in the version 0.6.2

Changes in the version 0.6.1

Changes in the version 0.6.0

This version is compatible with Theme-D version 0.9.3.

Changes in the version 0.5.3

Autotools is used and Debian packaging is supported.

Changes in the version 0.5.2

It is no longer necessary to have hacked versions of the guile-gnome wrapper modules.

Changes in the version 0.5.1

The calculator example program has been corrected so that no procedure calls are done toplevel outside procedures.

Changes in the version 0.5.0

Initial prerelease version.

Downloading the Library

Debian-based systems

In particular these instructions apply to Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions. Get file theme-d-gnome_0.6.10_amd64.deb and follow the instructions in Theme-D-Gnome User Guide . Theme-D-Gnome source code can be found at theme-d-gnome_0.6.10.tar.gz. It contains example programs, too.

Other systems

Get the library from theme-d-gnome_0.6.10.tar.gz. See Theme-D-Gnome User Guide for instructions.

Old versions

Old versions of the library can be obtained from

Related Software


Example programs

The Theme-D-Gnome source package contains example programs in subdirectory gnome-examples. See the Theme-D-Gnome User Guide for instructions how to build and run them.

Checked GTK classes

Last updated November 5, 2017.